How 2Konnect Works


For years distributors have joined MLM companies, in the pursuit of a better life, either by the enticement of a new compensation plan or the intrigue of a newly developed product. They have worked very hard and have invested a lot of time and money trying to build a business capable of sustaining their way of life. Each has used the time old business building practice, by joining an MLM company first and then trying to build a downline. Many have tried and many have failed.


2Konnect reverses this two-step practice for building your business by providing tools, support and a one-of-kind marketing machine. We help you build your downline FIRST and then help introduce your community downline into many MLM companies, which are the most exciting and lucrative companies in our industry!

Introducing 2Konnect Income Building Community

Imagine building a team of like-minded people who all want to build a business together, joining each business together, sharing strategies, tools, programs and successes together. Imagine making more money than you ever thought possible, not from just one income but multiple incomes and all because your team of like-minded people all believe it and act on it together. That's 2Konnect and that's what we are doing today, right now and we invite you to join in the worldwide rush to become the largest down line team in the world making more money than you ever thought possible.

Citizen Membership

When your TEAM is established and you have Personally Sponsored two Paid Members into the 2Konnect Community, you will want to continue to grow your TEAM. Continue by inviting others to join you as a Paid Member in the 2Konnect Community. As your Team grows, your income will increase because your Team will be invited to join you in the MLM Opportunities and Affiliate Programs that are available through your 2Konnect Membership.

To help your TEAM achieve success, you will want to help them with the process of Personally Sponsoring a minimum of two paid Community Members. The System does most of the work. Help them plug into the 2Konnect tools and resources to increase their opportunity for success. This will help you be successful as well

Free Membership

The 2Konnect Community is built using the business model “It takes 2 to Konnect”. This means, you must Personally Sponsor a minimum of TWO members into the Community. Konnecting opens up opportunities for advancement in the 2Konnect Community:

Join today as a Citizen. By becoming a Citizen today, you will secure your position in the 2Konnect Community Matrix which will put you on a path to financial success. Your first steps as a Citizen of the 2Konnect Community will be to Personally Sponsor two new Citizens. The time to build your ONE TEAM is before you enter into any MLM Company / Affiliate Program. This will ensure your opportunity to earn commissions in the MLM Companies and Affiliate Programs you choose to align with through 2Konnect.

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